Tiffanie Mang is a digital illustrator as well as a gouache and oil landscape painter with a BA in Animation and Digital Arts from the University of Southern California.

Tiffanie now works as a freelancer in animation and as an instructor in both digital and gouache painting.

Tiffanie was most recently a production designer at Cartoon Saloon working on an exciting upcoming adventure TV series that is yet to be released. Other notable achievements include freelancing for studios such as Bart Kresa Studio, Disney, HuevoCartoon, and Universal Music Group, where she was one of the concept artists who worked on designing concept pieces for Shawn Mendes’ album Wonder.

In 2016, Tiffanie also worked as an animator on the Oscar-nominated animated feature “Loving Vincent” at Breakthru Films, a completely hand-painted film in oil paints illustrating the life of Van Gogh.  Flying over to Gdansk, Poland, she subsequently worked on the film for 6 months and animated 6 scenes in a studio of 125 other talented artists from all around the world. This life-changing experience prompted her to move back to San Diego, find a studio, and pursue her love for painting on a more serious note.

“I seek to capture those stories I find in the shifting colour and light through unique colour palettes and bold brushstrokes.”

Tiffanie is most well known for her gouache landscape work, and her paintings have been in over 35 gallery shows since 2018.  Tiffanie also loves to teach and share her passion for art; she has taught a number of plein air gouache and digital workshops in California and internationally as well, including Curacao and London.

She now successfully runs her own digital and gouache painting mentorships; in the last year and a half, Tiffanie has personally mentored over 30 students from literally all around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.


Shape Meditation:

An online Plein Air Down Under Satellite Event

A successful painting is built on the groundwork of thoughtful design.  To paint, one must intentionally compose and arrange the profound collaboration of colour notes and shapes that we see in landscapes all around us, not just copy what we see. Without proper design to hold a painting together, adding colour is just an accessory that might not help your painting. Regardless of whatever medium you work in, understanding how to design is the common thread, the vehicle that allows you as an artist to convey your visual narrative in the best way possible.

In this online workshop from California, Tiffanie will teach what it means to design with intention with seven main visual tools, discuss the principles one can use to organize their composition better, and share exercises to help students design the shapes that make up their painting in the best way possible.

July 10 and 24

Western Australia Time: 9am to 1pm online

Cost: $150 AUD per person.

Note: this online workshop is open to participants world-wide.  Please check time zones for your area.

Finding Freedom with Limitation

A two-day Masterclass held in Mandurah Western Australia

In this masterclass, Tiffanie will be sharing the power of creating thumbnail studies from a limited palette consisting of the primary colours and white.

When going out to plein air, you want to bring the least amount of supplies with you as possible, and stripping down on your colours is a great way to practice the fundamentals of colour mixing while still getting a wide range of colour variation and values in your painting. Using less colours can actually be more freeing; you are forced to be more creative with the limited options that you have.

September 19 and 20, Mandurah

Cost: $425 per person

The Power of Harnessing Greys

A two-day Masterclass held in Mandurah Western Australia

Greys, more often than not, are the underrated and overlooked ingredients that can make a painting come alive.  They get a bad rep because it is so easy to mix “muddy colours”, when in reality, there is no such thing as a muddy colour, but only muddy relationships of value.

In this masterclass, Tiffanie will show how to harness and transform any grey to work for your painting, and to be able to see past the colour and understand the relationships between your hues.

September 22 and 23, Mandurah

Cost: $425 per person

Tiffany Mang

View more of Tiffanie’s work at: tiffaniemang.com